We’ve called ABC
We’ve called CNN
We’ve called Yahoo
and the GOP
We’ve e-mailed every Media contact in the free world, they’ve sold us lie after LIE AFTER LIE.

And yet… Bush continues to ignore us. He leaves our borders open, he places his crusade into the middle east before our own protection here at home. We are sick of it and it will not continue.

“Administration “More Determined Than Ever” To Pass Amnesty

Bush: “See You At The Bill Signing”

Bush and the Amnesty Senators are now preparing to bring the Bush-Kennedy Amnesty bill back for a vote immediately.

Yesterday, Commerce Secretary Gutierrez said the administration is “more determined than ever” to pass amnesty and Tony Snow added that the Senate “could wrap this up in two days.” Now, Bush has scheduled a meeting with Senate Republicans on Tuesday to plan strategy and Majority Leader Reid is saying he is ready to move the bill to a vote.

To add insult to injury, Bush then said of the bill: “I believe we can get it done,” Bush said of the immigration bill that has run into deep trouble on Capitol Hill. “I’ll see you at the bill signing.”

This is outrageous. Just last week, the American people soundly rejected Bush-Kennedy Amnesty. The New York Times even featured Grassfire.org and three of our team members in a Page One lead story yesterday entitled “Grass Roots Roared”. Now, they are bringing amnesty back!

Note: Click here or the image to watch my MSNBC interview.”

Sen. Sessions Releases List of 20 Loopholes in the Senate Immigration Bill

Even if you get through to an operator continue to call in. GET YOUR VOICES HEARD. Protest the gates, call your local senators! It’s time to WAKE THE HELL UP AMERICA.

Two crucial action items:

Action Item #1– Call Your Senators and the White House
and tell them to “Back Off”!

White House numbers:

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX: 202-456-2461

Senator Phone numbers!


Amnesty Bill “Alive And Well”

US Army Pushes For Amnesty Bill Fast Track So It Can Recruit Illegal Aliens

Fax the President and Senate NOW!

Go here to send your faxes for FREE!:


Now, the traitors who have sold our democratic republic out to the “global
elite” multinational corporations who want to push through a NAFTA Highway,
FLOOD our borders with illegal aliens, WIDEN the CHASM between rich and poor
in the US to the same degree as Mexico, and make us all serfs in a North
American Union, have made their intentions perfectly clear.

The New York Times said that the “Grass Roots Roared” in
opposition to Bush-Kennedy Amnesty. Well, now we must
roar even louder!

Thanks for your immediate action!