Royalty Brown Biography

Royalty Brown is the most adorable American star kid. She has been the talk of the town due to her parents. Royalty is broadly known as the daughter of hip-hop and R&B artist Chris Brown. She has become a superstar by now after coming to the world. Royalty has become more popular in the social media platform, and her social media handler post numerous photos and videos daily. Allow us to let you know more about this celebrity kid.

Royalty Brown’s Bio, Nationality, and Ethnicity

This cutie pie was born on 27th May 2014 in Texas, The United States. Royalty is the only daughter of Chris Brown and Nia Guzman. This born American star is of African-American, Mexican, and Puerto Rican descent. Her rapper father Chris Brown is African-American, whereas her mom belongs to Mexican-Puerto Rican ethnicity. Royalty is her father’s princess since she is the only child of this singing sensation.

Controversies about her parents

Royalty becomes the headline since her birth for numerous reasons. In such an early age, she faced several heated controversies due to her parents. Her mother Nia Guzman was a friend of her rapper father.

But, they were never officially engaged, and they quit their relation before Royalty’s birth. That’s why Royalty is fronting the situation where her parents are dating other people.
Right after one year of Royalty’s arrival, Chris Brown got to know that he is the proud father of Royalty brown. It was confirmed through a long round of DNA test. After identifying the reality, her father asks for the custody of Royalty. Both her parents were severely criticized by media and people. Even some arguments on the social platform turned ugly right after the incident.
Luckily, Chris won the legal battle against Nia Guzman. Royalty can now stay with her father 12 days a month without any surveillance.

Royalty's mother was not happy at all with the jury's decision, and according to her Chris has an unhealthy personality. They both even argued and slammed each other on social media regarding their baby’s fosterage. Indeed, this is a never-ending battle between Chris and Nia. We hope that this ugly fight does not hinder the growth of Royalty.

Royalty’s Age and Physical condition

Charming Royalty is going to be five years old this year. Ever since Royalty came to Chris's life, things have been changed significantly. According to Chris, he got unconditional love, strength, and most importantly the purpose of life from Royalty. Once Nia claimed that Royalty is suffering from asthma due to the smoking habit of Chris. Contrariwise, Chris announces that he quits the smoking habit on the New Year day in 2016 only for his daughter. He even states that Royalty is his "Pride and Joy."

Royalty’s Lifestyle, Clothing brand, Net worth

Royalty’s lifestyle is not less than any princess. She is rumored to have a lot of fancy cars, unlike other typical Hollywood kids. Royalty is also considered as the wealthiest Hollywood kid as she is the only child of Chris Brown.
Additionally, her mother marched an international class 25 trademark by the name ‘Royalty Brown Clothing.’ This fashion brand includes clothing, footwear, and headgear. This star kid also has a growing website named ‘’ that sells cosmetics and accessories. Royalty brown has an estimated net worth of $160 million from these sources.

Five Facts about Royalty Brown

  1. Royalty Brown's favorite pet is a rabbit.
  2. This angel has a fan following of more than 239K followers on her Instagram account.
  3. This talented star kid enjoys dancing and singing.
  4. In such young age, Royalty met King Cairo Stevenson who is the son of greatest rapper, Tyga.
  5. Her birth sign is Gemini.
  • March 30, 2019
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