Metal Spinning

Metal spinning, also referred to as sheet metal spinning or sheet metal turning or metal spinning, is an effective metal working method by which a thin tube or disc of thin metal is spun at very high velocity and shaped into an axial symmetric component. Spinning by hand can be done by manual cranks or by a CNC machine. Metal spinning is a versatile technique and is widely used in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, textile and woodworking. Metal spinning is often used in conjunction with other production techniques to speed up production and make components more quickly. Visit website.

metal spinning


Metal Spinning

The CNC lathe is a computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine that runs on a computer software program. The CNC lathe is used to perform all the operations of metal spinning including spinning, cutting, stamping, wrapping, drilling and forming. A CNC lathe can be used for different types of metal spinning. The preferred material for metal spinning is aluminum due to the extreme spin speeds associated with the material.

Most metals can be spindle heated to a high temperature to form a smooth and rounded surface. This results in a smoother and stronger surface to work with for the final finish. Many tools used in metal spinning are also suitable for use with other forming tools such as a stile and a mandrel. If you are considering using metal spinning as a production technique, there are many suppliers to choose from including cyclone extruders, cyclone Sanders, die grinders, drill presses, drill machines and lathes. Most suppliers will offer advice before you purchase equipment so it is worth talking to them to find out if the equipment they sell is right for your business.

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