John Laurens Biography

John Laurens- an American Soldier and Statesman, best known for his criticism of slavery. He was even closer to Alexander Hamilton who is one the founding father of The United States. They both build up a close relationship during the revolutionary war. John is still remembered for his immense effort to help recruit slaves to fight for their freedom. Regrettably, this well-known personality was killed in the Battle of the Combahee River. Let’s know more briefly about his contribution to the country.

John Lauren’s Bio, Family Background, & Education

John was born on 28th October 1754 in Charleston, South Carolina. He is the first child of Henry Laurens and Eleanor Ball Laurens. His father was also an American merchant; who later become a political leader in revolutionary war. John has two younger brother and two younger sisters. Unfortunately, their mother died in their early age.
After then John’s moved to London in October 1771 along with his father and two younger brothers. But, his younger sister’s stayed with one of his uncle in Charleston. He got admitted to a Law School in London. While studying in the Law School, John decided to join the Continental Army than to complete the education.

John Laurens’s Career

John Laurens was best known for his recklessness in Combat. His temperament was on full display during his public dispute with General Charles Lee. Battle of Monmouth (June 28, 1778) where Lee's incompetence comes in front which ultimately led to court-martial. Both Laurens and Hamilton declared against Lee during that court-martial where Lee has found guilty against all charges.
John was strongly opposed to the concept of Chattel Slavery. According to him, slavery was morally wrong and so the anti-American. John Laurens tried to motivate all the plantation owners including his father to free their slaves, but most of the time his motivation proves in vain. Thus, to makes those slave free from their situation, John placed a proposal in front of Congress to create a cadre of black soldiers to fight against the British, but the soldiers will be free after the completion of their military services.
In spring 1779, the British Army began to show its movement against the Southern States. During that time Congress got relented over John's proposal but put a condition for the recruitment of Black Soldiers where Laurens have to get permission from the two largest slaveholding colonies, South Carolina and Georgia. If these two colonies approve John's plan than the recruitment process can be initiated, but the situation comes in a manner that, they would instead turn themselves to British than release any slave into military service.

John Laurens Marriage, Death & Kids

John Laurens got married to Martha Manning who is also a daughter of a mentor and family friend. Unfortunately, he died an unfortunate death in the battle of Combahee (August 1782) in South Carolina’s Low country at the age of twenty-seven. It was found that he was shot from his horse and killed. During the battle, he was suffering from malaria. When John joined the military, he left his pregnant wife behind. He had a daughter, Frances Eleanor, whom he never met.

John Laurens Height

Laurens height is still a mystery. He may be 5'10'' or 5'11" and was taller than his father, but we don’t even have that information.

Five Facts about John Laurens

  • Laurens planned to recruit slaves from the Southern states into the regiment for the Continental Army
  • He spent a considerable amount of time (Three Years) for the improvement of Continental's defenses
  • John developed a close relationship with other members of Washington’s military inner circle including Alexander Hamilton and Marquis de Lafayette
  • His blazing attitude was on full display during his public dispute with Gen Charles Lee.
  • During the battle, John was suffering from Malaria whereas he still wanted to join the battalion.

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