Do Contour Surveys Really Work?

Contour surveys, also known as focus groups, have always been used by survey companies to obtain information on the consumers they target for market research purposes. The information gathered from the survey participants, most of whom have never even visited a store, help the company determine what products and services are selling well. These studies are very helpful in determining which products and services to feature in the near future and which ones need further development. Survey companies use all kinds of methods to get their information, but land line and telephone surveys tend to be the most successful in terms of accuracy.


A landline survey is the easiest type of survey to conduct because everyone uses a regular telephone. Also, you can easily get feedback from every person in the household without requiring them to take time out of their day to answer a questionnaire. There are, however, some drawbacks to a landline survey. You cannot reach as wide an audience as a cellphone survey. Additionally, if the telephone connection is down for any reason, you cannot conduct a survey. Survey companies have the option of conducting a brief online survey instead of a telephone survey to compensate for this limitation.


Online surveys have become increasingly popular over the past decade. Because people spend so much of their time on the internet, it is very convenient to conduct a survey over the Internet rather than in person. It is also much easier to collect feedback from more people by using the Internet. By offering potential customers the opportunity to fill out a simple questionnaire on the website of a company, they can obtain valuable information about the public’s perception of their product or service.

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