Dj Law Biography

DJ Law is one of the famous football players in America. He started his career as a player from high school. DJ Law has got his popularity with the acting in one of the documentaries in Netflix namely Last Chance U. There is a lot to know about this sports personality. Read on to know more about him.

DJ Law’s Bio, Childhood, Family, and Education

DJ was born in Haines City, Florida, USA on 6th November 1994. His real name is Dacorius Law. There is very little information available about DJ Law’s family on the media. His mother is Veronica Purnell, but his father name is still mysterious. DJ is very much closed to his mother. DJ has studied in Haines City High School from where he started his career as a football player. Later on, he moved to East Mississippi Community College in 2014.
DJ Law also maintain the continuation of his passion as a football player. There he gives an interview to be selected in their football team. Finally, he got picked for the fall semester, but unfortunately, he had an accident in the spring games. While playing at that time, his knee accidentally has got dislocated. Due to this reason, he couldn't play for a while.
During that time, DJ Law put his full attention for improving his education grade which has become a big challenge for him. He also got the chance to study at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

DJ Law’s Career: Documentary

This former football player got his career breakthrough when he got the chance to act in the Documentary Last Chance U. The actual goal was to prove the players in line with their academic and behavior issues. Basically, the football players of East Mississippi Community College are the primary target group of this documentary. In this documentary, the struggle life of the football players comes into the focus.
Brittany Wagner got selected as the academic advisor to ensure the proper grades of the players by supporting their football career. Buddy Stephen, the head coach, also got involved in this documentary.
This documentary was a very challenging job for the Netflix Team. Relating each string with one another is the most challenging part for them. But, the team has done it successfully. The viewers’ got the chance to see the real life of the young football players. Through this documentary, players like DJ Law got the opportunity to show their skills. The documentary mainly covers during the 2015 football season and was aired on 29th July 2016.
The Netflix team has concluded the documentary for that season. After that, they started their next consequence documentary by tagging it as season 2. However, in continuation of his football career, he got the invitation from the University of Alabama to play in their team.

DJ Law’s Age and Body Statistics

DJ Law is currently 25 Years of Age. He has got athlete type body with 190 pounds weight. He is a right-handed person. His hair and eye color are Black. This fit player is about 5 feet 9 inches tall.

DJ Law’s Personal Life & Net Worth

He is currently unmarried, and there is no news about this affair life on the internet. DJ is entirely focused on his career and maintains a safe distance with others.
His net worth is not available on the internet.

Five facts about DJ Law

  1. DJ is more focused on his career life rather than love life.
  2. His horoscope sign is Scorpio.
  3. DJ is a devout Christian along with his family.
  4. He maintains a very suitable weight as an Athlete.
  5. DJ Law is quite active on Twitter and Instagram account.
  • Updated April 2, 2019
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