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Celine Dion net worth is $700 million. The famous romantic song 'My heart will go' is an affection among 90’s kids. Do you know the singer of this famous song? She is none other than Celine Dion, the Canadian singer. She is also a songwriter-composer and an actress.
Celina Dion’s Birth name is Celina Marie Claudette Dion. She is also known for her vocal skill and her passionate showmanship. To know more about this Canadian Star, check out the article below.

Quick Facts About Celine Dion

Celebrated Name

Celine Dion


51 Years

Nick Name

Celine Dion

Birth Name

Céline Marie Claudette Dion

Birth Date








Marital Status



Roman Catholic



Place Of Birth

Charlemagne, Quebec

Net Worth


Breast Size


Hip Size


Waist Size







Coty. Inc, Schwartz's Restaurant


Rene Angelil

Best Known For

The Power of Love

Total Amount Of Charity


Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color

Light Brown

Birth Nation






Early Life, Education, and Family

The pop star, Celine Dion, was born on March 30, 1968. Her birthplace is Charlemagne, Quebec, a little town 50 kilometers from Montreal. Celine’s religion is Roman Catholic, and nationality is Canadian. She was from a large family where she was the 14th child of her parents.
Her mother Therese Tanguay was a homemaker and father Adhemar Dion was a butcher. The whole family had a common passion for music. Celine had gone to local elementary school Ecole St. Jude in Charlemagne, Quebec. But she dropped out of school at the age of 12 and focused entirely on her career.

Dion’s Career

Celina Dion's had the remarkable talent of singing from her childhood period. Her whole family performed concerts as a group at the very beginning of his childhood. She also showed his ability there.
When Celine was only 12, she wrote her first song. Her mother and brother helped her to do so. She recorded the song and Rene Angelil; a music manager received the song. On June 19, 1981, Celine Performed on TV for the first time, and the audience immediately accepted her.
Dion released her first song 'La Voix du Bon Dieu’ at 1981. This song has brought her popularity right away. After that, Celina never looks behind. She later gifted lots of big numbers and nominated for many awards in her life. Celina also had appeared in some movies and TV shows.

Dion’s Album

The famous pop singer has released 26-studio albums, 7-live albums, 19-compilation albums, and 25-box sets. Some of her remarkable records are:

  • I found myself lost
  • Songs of Mass Destruction
  • In my life
  • One Night Only
  • Titanic
  • Falling into you
  • Let’s talk about love

Awards and Achievements

The French-Canadian Star, Celina Dion, is highly recognized throughout the world. Her achievements in her life are very high than most other artists. In 1982, Celina had won her first medal at Yamaha world popular festivals in Japan. Besides, she won many awards in her career life.
Celina won five Grammy Awards, Twelve World music awards, seven Billboards Music Awards and many others. This beautiful artist won the Academy Award for her song 'My heart will go on.' This song touched the hearts of million people throughout the world.

Celine Dion


Appearance, Height and Net Worth

The talented actress Dion is 51 years old, according to her birthrate. This beautiful lady's body structure is slim. Celine is 5 feet, 7.5 inches tall, and her weight is 53kg. This attractive lady has got dark brown hair and eye color. Celina's net worth is estimated to be $800 million until 2019.

Personal life and children

Dion, the beautiful Star got married to Rene Angelil in 1994 when she was only 18. This couple has three children, and they are Rene-Charles (17), Nelson (8), and Eddy (8). Her husband, Angelil died on January 14, 2016. After the death of her husband, she had become more close to her children.

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Five facts about Dion

  • Celina Dion, the talented and beautiful lady, has 3.6 million followers on her Instagram.
  • Her hobbies are Playing Golf, Shopping, Listening Music and collecting Shoes.
  • She is younger than her stepson.
  • Celina is younger than her 13 siblings.
  • She appeared in her 1st movie 'Muppets Most Wanted' in 2014.

Celine Dion quotes

"I love beautiful things. I'm not into art so much, like paintings."

  • September 27, 2019
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